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Global network solutions

Extend your network’s reach to more than 200 countries and simplify the way you do business worldwide with scalable, secure and robust connectivity solutions.

Connectivity (WAN) Solutions


Bell IP VPN service is a fully managed, turnkey solution that combines the flexibility of private IP networking with the resilience of optical networks in a single, optimized wide area network (WAN) infrastructure. Seamlessly integrating voice and data traffic, Bell IP VPN service makes it easy to connect multiple sites, including branch offices as well as customer, partner and supplier locations.

Delivered over Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network, Bell IP VPN service gives you the speed, performance and reliability your business needs. Your communications are handled by a private IP MPLS network that supports a wide range of advanced applications including voice over IP (VoIP), messaging, point of sale, customer relationship management (CRM) and video conferencing.

Point-to-Point Data Networks

High-speed, reliable connectivity for the applications that drive your business.
Built on Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network, our range of point-to-point data solutions give you the capacity, speed, performance and security options to meet your networking needs.

With the most points of presence in Canada and the highest speeds in the country, Bell makes it easier to connect your employees and teams – no matter where they’re located.

Digital Private Line

A single platform to connect all your locations

With Bell Digital Private Line service, you can connect all branches of your organization as if they were on the same local network – even if they’re spread across the country. Integrating voice, video and data applications over a single, dedicated platform, it delivers reliability, security and performance backed by comprehensive service guarantees.

Bell Digital Private Line service is centrally managed 24/7 by the highly specialized staff at our National Control Office. Ideal for distributed organizations running high-bandwidth, low-latency, mission-critical applications, it supports a full range of network services – from voice and video to online ordering, banking and polling.


High-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity for your mission-critical applications.

Running on Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network, Bell Ethernet allows you to connect your locations across the country with low-latency, point-to-point access that supports your mission-critical applications and delivers the performance and reliability your business needs. At the same time, it allows you retain control of critical functions like IP addressing and firewall management, enabling you to customize your network topology and control costs.

Bell Ethernet service is ideal for data centre connectivity and LAN-SAN networking. A private line service, Ethernet runs on our next-generation Carrier Ethernet core network, which features guaranteed 99.99% availability and the largest fibre footprint in Canada.


Canada’s first 100 Gbps WAN service.

The first 100 Gbps dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) WAN service in Canada, Bell Wavelength service ensures your mission-critical applications are always available – without compromising speed, performance or security. You’ll be able to run multiple protocols over a single network, cutting costs, saving time and freeing up resources.

Delivered over Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network, Bell Wavelength service provides ultra-high bandwidth and low-latency connectivity for video, Big Data and more. It’s an ideal companion to many of our data centre offerings, such as Co-location and Managed Hosting.

Internet Solutions

Share data faster and collaborate seamlessly over Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network with Internet solutions from Bell. We give you the speed, scalability and reliability your business needs – backed by industry-leading service level agreements and the country’s largest team.

With flexible packages offering speeds as high as 1 Gbps, Bell gives you the freedom to choose the connectivity that fits your business.

Bell Business Internet Service (BIS)

Bell Business Internet Service delivers the speed you need for seamless business application performance and point-of-sale connectivity – with 24/7 technical support and downloads up to 175 Mbps.

Bell Business Internet Dedicated (BID)

A permanent, dedicated connection that delivers exceptional uptime and performance.

Providing a permanently connected, high-speed Internet access over Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network, Bell Business Internet Dedicated Service is engineered to deliver the speed, scalability, performance and reliability your business needs – both today and tomorrow.

A fully managed Internet service with multiple access options, Bell Business Internet Dedicated Service can meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, from those with as few as two workstations to those with more than 30. Offering extensive performance reporting and up to 32 static IP addresses, it’s ideal for website hosting, email server management and connecting workstations over a local area network (LAN).

Data Center Solutions

Hosting solutions

Bell Hosting services give you access to the latest technology over Canada’s largest voice, data and wireless network. House your equipment, data or applications in our secure, scalable, always-available data centres without taking on the costs and maintenance of in-house infrastructure – and pay only for the capacity you use.

With Bell, you benefit from the stability and reliability of state-of-the art data centres and a national network footprint. You also get 24/7 monitoring, management and support from the largest team in the country.

Bell Co-location Hosting

With Co-location Hosting, Bell houses your IT infrastructure in state-of-the-art Canadian-based data centres that provide all the space, power and cooling capacity you need. Take advantage of advanced technology and expert management without the cost of upgrading or investing in your own facilities.

Together with our partner Q9 Networks, we offer the widest range of cloud and hosting services in the country. Our geographically diverse and highly redundant data centres give you the availability, security and reach you need, all run over Canada’s largest fibre optic network.

Virtual servers

Bell Virtual Data Centre service gives you flexible, cost-effective access to virtual servers running on best-in-class hardware and managed by one of Canada’s largest and most experienced data centre teams. Bell handles your infrastructure, servers and application and operating systems so you can focus on your core business objectives – and reduce your hardware and capital requirements.

Bell Virtual Data Centre service is a highly reliable and scalable alternative to traditional server computing. It leverages advanced technology and scalable capacity, giving you access to virtual servers provisioned in secure data centres around the country.

Voice and Unified Communications

Bell Total Connect

Connecting your enterprise just got better with Bell Total Connect – the next evolution in IP phone systems. Bell Total Connect delivers crystal-clear voice quality and a suite of advanced messaging, collaboration and conferencing tools.

Providing the performance and reliability you need, with all the flexibility and scalability of cloud infrastructure, Bell Total Connect deploys with limited up-front investment and a predictable monthly per-user subscription model.

SIP Trunking

Providing a voice gateway to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), Bell SIP trunking replaces multiple physical PRI/T1 connections and voice gateways with a scalable, flexible two-way access solution.

Bell SIP trunking allows PSTN interconnection to anywhere in Canada – all from a single connection that supports a wide range of voice and data services.


Bell Megalink is a cost-effective solution that helps you manage your complex communication needs and use voice, data, and video over a single line – simplifying the transition to high-capacity switched access.

Supporting multiple voice and data applications, this integrated solution delivers a powerful set of call management features with high efficiency and flexibility.

Traditional Phone service and features to keep you connected

Local access phone services from Bell give your business the performance, quality and reliability you need to connect with partners, employees and customers.

Whether you’re looking for basic access or advanced services with custom calling features, Bell offers a range of voice services to meet your needs.

Integrated voice and web conferencing solutions

Bell makes it easy to collaborate remotely, boost productivity and speed up decision-making for teams on the go. We offer a complete set of advanced, feature-rich audio, video and web conferencing capabilities, all run over Canada’s only integrated conferencing network.

Our services help you bring your teams together easily, quickly and efficiently, giving you access to a powerful communications tools without the costs of in-house infrastructure.

Bell Video Exchange (BVX)
Bell Video Exchange is a hosted video conferencing service that gives your teams the freedom to collaborate face to face across multiple technologies, devices, platforms and connection types.

Saving you the time and money of travel, Bell Video Exchange lets your employees collaborate whenever they need to, whenever they are – without the cost and complexity of additional ITbridging infrastructure.

Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing keeps your employees connected and productive, collaborating in real time on short notice – without the costs and delays of business travel.

Fast, easy-to-use and cost-effective, Bell Audio Conferencing offers a wide range of options, from flexible, reservationless conferencing to operator-assisted calls and major event conferencing.

Web Conferencing

Bring your employees together no matter where they are and instantly hold meetings using only your web browser with Bell Web Conferencing.

Our powerful web conferencing platform includes application and desktop sharing, video, file transfer, virtual whiteboard, instant messaging and polling.

Web Casting

Bell webcasting services make it easy to record and stream high-quality audio and video messages that catch the attention of your customers, employees, shareholders and business partners.

Offering a cost-effective way to reach a wide audience, webcasts are ideal for investor and public relations announcements, product launches, internal communications, continuing education and more.

Bell Hosted Contact Centre (ODCC)

If you are looking to set up, expand or evolve your contact centre without major infrastructure investments, Bell Hosted Contact Centre may be the solution you need. Designed for contact centres with more than 75 agents, this cloud-based solution provides a robust, reliable, feature-rich contact centre environment where you pay only for the features you use.

With Bell Hosted Contact Centre, you can choose to maintain some of your own on-site equipment or outsource all your infrastructure and applications. Running on Canada’s largest voice, data and wireless network, Hosted Contact Centre can be deployed fast, scales easily and enhances your user and customer experience while reducing operating costs.